Smithsonian Enterprises

Smithsonian Enterprises ("SE") is embarking on a historic expansion as it rises to meet challenges to its core businesses while increasing revenue for the Institution.

SE brings the Smithsonian brand and mission to more than 100 million people around the world and generates $35 million in unrestricted funds annually through three interrelated businesses:

Smithsonian and Air & Space magazines, Smithsonian Channel (a joint partnership with Showtime Cable television), Smithsonian Books, and Smithsonian Digital

Operates most of the restaurants, gift shops, theaters, parking and simulations in the Institution’s museums; also runs the Smithsonian Store catalog and related e-commerce site

Consumer & Education Products
Runs the licensing arm of the SE division, as well as Smithsonian Journeys, our cultural travel business serving both adventurers and armchair travelers

While continuing with the success of these core efforts, the SE management team must also evolve and adapt to a rapidly evolving economic environment that poses both enormous challenges to the mainstream business as well as tremendous opportunities in the coming era.

This website gives an overview of SE's efforts to date and its plans looking forward, near-term and long-term. Click on the navigation items below to learn more.